Indoor Bowls

Anyone can play this wonderful game. Indoor Bowls is truly a “game for all ages”.  It can be played as a serious competitive sport or as a social activity.  No uniform or equipment is required other than flat soled shoes so it is a very cheap sport to start and play and a good way of meeting new people.

Our Indoor bowling season runs from February till October of each year and is played in the Club Waimea Hall. So why not give Indoor Bowls a try over the winter months, coaching is provided for new members.  Club Night is each Monday evening with play starting at 7.15pm in the Club Waimea Hall.

If you would like more information on the Indoor Bowling Section at Club Waimea


Contact: Linda Carrick 544 9446

Chartered Club’s South Island Winners

Triples: Jean McKenzie (s) Lewis Dellabosca & Kevin McKenzie

Fours: Jean McKenzie (s) Lewis Dellabosca, Nathan Dellabosca & Kevin McKenzie

 Chartered Club’s Women’s National 2011 Winners

Singles: Lyn Sloper

Triples: Linda Carrick (s) Lyn Sloper & Betty  Henderson

Chartered Club’s Ladies National Team 2011