The New “ Traffic Light System “ Effective 11.59pm 2nd December 2021 The following is for the information of Club Waimea members in regards to the vaccination requirements under the “Traffic Light” covid system. The Club Board has voted unanimously to designate Club Waimea as a Vaccination Certificate Venue. The Board of Club Waimea has the power to make By-Laws. The Board has an obligation, responsibility and duty to provide for the welfare and best interests of all of its members. Sometimes there can be a conflict as to what is in “the best interests” of its members as some members may not perceive that the By-Laws are in their best interests. There can also be a conflict between what is perceived as in the member’s best interests and the rights of an individual under the Privacy Act 1993 and the rights of an individual under the NZ Bill Of Right Act 1990. In particular an individual has the right to refrain from seeking medical treatment (and to be vaccinated). We live in difficult and uncertain times with Covid-19. As a society we have probably not encountered an analogous event since the Flu Epidemic in 1918. The Board must respond to act in the members best interests even if that does not, and cannot be, in all the members’ interests. The Board has decided that as a condition of entry into the Club and surrounds (including the carpark, Squash and Bowling Club facilities) all members and guests must be double vaccinated and provide evidence of a current vaccination certificate. The Board believes the imposition of this condition is fair and responsible in the circumstances of the current pandemic which is designed to protect both fellow members and staff alike. Members who do not wish to become vaccinated will have their entry rights to the entire Club property suspended until further notice. Should a member wish to resign from the Club due to their decision not to vaccinate the balance of their membership fee will be refunded to them. Should a member not be able to be vaccinated due to medical grounds they must produce a government mandated Vaccination exemption or, in the absence of any official document being available, two medical certificates will need to be submitted to the Board for consideration of an exemption to allow them to enter the Club while unvaccinated. If the Board approves and grants an exemption the member will be required to wear a mask at all times while anywhere on the Club property. The Board will promulgate By-Laws to confirm the above stance. The By-Laws will be subject to any legislation or Order made by the New Zealand Government. If at any stage the By-Laws conflict will any legislation or Order made by the Government the By-Laws will be subservient to the legislation or Order. The Board has the power to amend or suspend its By-Laws at any time taking into account the best interests of the Club’s members and any new, or change in, legislation. The By-Laws will confirm the position regarding allowing only vaccinated members into the Club. There will be an obligation on any non-vaccinated member or guest not to enter the Club. The By-Laws will specify how the Club will enforce compliance with the obligation. The By-Laws will set out what sanctions may be imposed should a member and/or guest infringe or attempt to infringe the By-Laws. We understand that this may be controversial to a small number of Members however it is necessary to ensure the health and wellbeing of the Club Members and Staff. Roy Tomlinson Bill Ferguson Club President Board Chairman 30/11/2021 30/11/2021 So what does all this mean For Entry into the Club Facilities, Members Must 1/ Be a holder of a My Vaccine Pass This can be printed copy or saved to your phone 2/ Produce this document upon request from either Board, Executive, or Staff members. You will be asked to show this, not every time that you come to the Club, but so that we can verify your certificate initially, and update our records accordingly. 3/ Are encouraged to wear masks as much as possible Voluntary, but appreciated 4/ We ask all members to part of our Team, to ensure that the decision of Vaccine Certificate Venue is adhered to. By this we don’t mean take the law into your own hands, but if you feel that someone should not be on the premise please make one of the officers or staff of the Club aware of the situation

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